UP: Woman Alleges Gangrape, Triple Talaq Over “Loud Music”

New Delhi:  A woman has filed a complaint alleging that she was gangraped after her husband gave her triple talaq. The incident took place in Moradabad city of Uttar Pradesh. In her complaint, she said that she was asked to perform halala, a practice in which a woman divorcee marries someone else, consummates the marriage and then gets a divorce. This makes her lawful to the former husband.

“We have got the information. The woman said that she was given talaq, however, her in-laws denied. The investigation is underway. The truth will be out after the investigation. A case has been registered,” a police official said.

The woman’s father said that her daughter was given triple talaq after she mistakenly increased the volume of the music system which angered her husband. The victim’s family also alleged that she was forced to perform ‘halala’ and was gang-raped.

Cases of triple talaq have been making rounds of late. A woman was given triple talaq after she served ‘burnt’ chapatis to her husband. The incident took place in Pahretha village of Mahoba district in Uttar Pradesh. The woman also alleged that her husband had inflicted burn injuries on her with cigarettes three days before ‘divorcing’ her by way of triple talaq.

In yet another case, a woman was given triple talaq over the phone and then thrashed and confined to a room without food for a month by her husband over dowry. The woman later died during medical treatment.

(With agency inputs)

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