Students Hack School System to Change Grades and Attendance

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Like a modern day WarGames, students in Michigan have hacked into a school district’s computer system and changed grades and attendance records.

According to a statement made on Facebook and the district’s web site, Jim Nielsen, the superintendent of Orchard View Schools, stated that they became aware of a data breach in their PowerSchool student information system last week.

Post to school's Facebook page
Post to school’s Facebook page

When the data breach was discovered, the school launched an investigation and discovered that unauthorized changes to student’s grades and attendance records were made. The statement further states that this breach “appears to be limited to the high school.”

The school district has notified the parents of the students that were involved, but it is not known if law enforcement has also been notified.

internetnewsblog has contacted the school district for more information on how the students gained access to the system and if they only changed their own grades or if they were doing so for other students.  When we hear back, we will update this story.

This is not the first time students have successfully been able to hack their school system to change grades. In 2017, a student hacked into the Tenafly, NJ school systems to change grades and send out college applications. In 2018, students hacked into Bloomfield Hills High School systems to change grades, attendance records, and lunch balances.

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