Request Muslim Women to Leave Their Religion, Marry Hindu Men to Get Rid of Evils Like Triple Talaq, Halala: Sadhvi Prachi

New Delhi, Aug 2: Former Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Sadhvi Prachi yet again made headlines after she said that Muslim women must marry Hindus to get rid of evil practices like Nikah Halala or Triple Talaq.

Referring to the Nida Khan case, Prachi said that she would request all the Muslim women to leave their religion as they might end up facing either of the two evil practices- ‘Nikah Halala’ or ‘Triple Talaq’. She said she believed that the society would get rid of ‘immoral practices’ like such if Muslim women started marrying Hindus.

She further asked victims of triple talaq to leave their religion and join Hindu religion instead to live the life of respect. She added that doing so would be a “slap on the face” of clerics who threaten women in the name of fatwah.

Prachi said, “Na talaq ka na hallala ka koi dar hai… Hindu samaj mein aaye na koi dar hai… aise gande samaj ko chhod kar ke jo mahilaon ki zindagi kewal tabah karte hain… Hindu dharma mein aayein… Hindu samaj mein shadi karna.. achhey sanskari bahut achhey bete milenge… aapaka swagat hai (There would be no talaq or fear of halala. You should join the Hindu community and there would be no fear. You should leave the society, which only destroys the life of women. Get married into Hindu community… you will find boys with good values… you are welcome).”

Prachi didn’t leave it at this, after her ‘Muslim women should marry Hindu men remark’, she requested UP CM Yogi Adityanath to ensure that loud speakers at mosques were switched off during the Kaanwar Yatra processions in the state. She referred to Adityanath as ‘bhai’ or brother and asked him to facilitate the movement of Kanwariyas in the state.

Prachi who is known for making controversial statements, earlier said she prayed for a life partner for Congress president Rahul Gandhi. She said, “I prayed that if they (the Congress) do not get a majority to form the government, may Rahul get a life partner.”

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