Opera Adds Cryptocurrency Wallet in Opera for Android

Opera for Android

Opera Software announced today the addition of a cryptocurrency wallet app inside the Opera for Android browser, and by doing so, becoming the first browser vendor to provide a cryptocurrency wallet that’s built into its browser offering.

This new cryptocurrency wallet integrates with the Ethereum Web3 API, meaning its compatible with the latest version of the Ethereum platform, but also supports collectibles (such as CryptoKitties) and tokes issued during various ICOs.

Named “Crypto Wallet” the feature is currently available as a private beta version of the Opera for Android browser. Users who wish to sign up for this private beta can do so on this page or by following this link:

Opera Crypto Wallet is a user-controlled wallet

Opera hopes that by adding a cryptocurrency wallet inside the browser it will draw a new userbase to its Android browser.

Until now, cryptocurrency wallets have been available as accounts on third-party websites, as locally installed apps, and/or as browser extensions.

In addition to being bundled inside a respectable app, Opera’s new wallet works differently on another front from classic wallets —security.

“Typical wallets require the user to create PIN codes or passwords. Opera instead relies on Android’s secure system lock to sign transactions so users don’t have to learn any new codes to use the wallet,” an Opera spokesperson said.

“Just so we’re clear: this is a user-controlled wallet, which means that the keys controlling the funds and assets are on the user’s phone and nowhere else,” he added, explaining that the company doesn’t have access to users’ funds.

Just a test for now. No plans for Opera Desktop.

Opera didn’t hint at plans of expanding the wallet feature to its desktop browser. The company is most likely waiting for results of the private beta program before it will decide to add the wallet to other platforms.

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