Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Case: DCW Chief Swati Maliwal Questions Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Steps Being Taken For Welfare of Victims

New Delhi, Aug 4: Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal Jaihind wrote a letter to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asking what steps were being taken by the state government for the victims of the Muzaffarpur shelter home.

She expressed anguish on the fact that the Nitish Kumar government took no immediate action even though the report on the pathetic condition of shelter homes came three months earlier.

Maliwal also alleged that the late reaction of the government and laxity shown in this case only worsened the situation further. Stressing on the same, she said that accused owner of the shelter home, Brajesh Thakur’s reaction on being arrested was a testimony as it showed that he had political connections and would be spared easily.

As far the key developments in the horrific mass sexual exploitation case goes, Madhu Kumari, a woman suspect in the case has been absconding since the police registered a case on May 31 against 11 people. What has taken everyone by surprise is that Kumari was one among three ‘ati vishisht (very special)’ women recommended by the district administration for the Zila Mahila Samman in 2015. Kumari claimed to be a social worker and was the main functionary in the NGO promoted by Brajesh Thakur.

Meanwhile, the role of Bihar’s politician Manju Verma’s husband in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case has also raised many eyebrows. While Verma had said earlier that she would ensure death penalty if her husband was found to be guilty, she remained silent when asked about her resignation from the post of Welfare Minister of the state.

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