#MeToo: Emraan Hashmi Takes Steps to Ensure Safety for Women, Includes Anti-Sexual Harassment Clauses in Employment Contracts of His Company

In the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, actor Emraan Hashmi has decided to include a clause incorporating Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act in his employment contracts and crew contracts (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) to safeguard women at his workplace and forewarn men to not cross the line.

After multiple conversations with his lawyers and from his own experiences of discussing agreements with production houses through the course of his career, Emraan is set to add a sexual harassment clause to his contracts, along with other clauses concerning confidentiality and termination.

The actor who has turned producer with his upcoming film, Cheat India, talked about the issue and said, “Such clauses are already in contracts in several industries, including MNCs. No film production company has enforced it so far, but with the #MeToo movement that started a decade ago, picking up steam in the West last year and inching towards India, with someone being outed almost every hour on the social media, such clauses have become imperative. In my company at least, it will include both male and female cast and crew members”.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images
Photo Courtesy: Getty Images


While there still remains ambiguity in what amounts to sexual harassment, Emraan Hashmi believes that lying down a universal moral code on a film set is the need of the hour.

He added, ” In the given circumstances, lying down a universal moral code on the film set, dictated by the government’s guidelines, is the need of the hour. This will safeguard the interests of women and men will be forewarned so they don’t cross the line”.

Looking at the situation from a fair perspective, Emraan said, “If there are male bosses, there are female bosses too. While it’s only right that the law favours a woman and protects her, there is a need for some correction or revision because with men could also be vulnerable”.

Bollywood people encouraged to introduce such measures to ensure a safer workplace, are appreciated. Let’s see where the #Metoo takes us all!

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