LibreOffice 6.1 Released With Icons That Make it More Windows-Like

Yesterday, The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 6.1 for Microsoft’s Windows operating system and macOS. This release comes with a long list of new features and improvements and this is the second major update of the LibreOffice 6 series introduced in early 2018.

In a blog post, the company says that the new features have been developed by a large community of developers. These features include revamped image handling which is faster and smoother than before as well as icons that make it have more of Windows-like feel.

It comes with the following changes:

  • Colibre: The company has a new icon theme for Windows and it’s based on Microsoft’s icon design guidelines. The office suite is now more appealing to new users unfamiliar with the tool.


  • TDF has redesigned the image handling feature and the company claims that it’s significantly faster and smoother. Open Office now uses a new and improved graphics manager which gives it some advantages even when loading documents in Microsoft proprietary formats.
  • The update has reorganized the draw menus for better visibility and productivity. It has also added a new Page menu.
  • HSQLDB database engine has been deprecated and the new Firebird database engine will replace it. “Users are encouraged to migrate files using the migration assistant from HSQLDB to Firebird, or by exporting them to an external HSQLDB server,” the company explains.
  • The modules of LibreOffice Online are getting yet another big update and you’ll notice significant interface changes. It looks more appealing and consistent with the desktop version.
  • An improved EPUB export filter, in terms of link, table, image, font embedding and footnote support, with more options for customizing metadata;
  • Online Help pages have been enriched with text and example files to guide the users through features, and are now easier to localize.

At the time of writing this story, LibreOffice 6.1 is available to download for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows 7 or newer operating systems.

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