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Kaala Karikalan Review : Not Just Rajinikanth, But Critics Appreciate Filmmaker Pa Ranjith’s Direction As Well In This Mass Entertainer

Today is an important day for all Rajinikanth fans as the highly anticipated film, Kaala Karikalan has finally hit screens after much delay. After all it is our favourite star, Thalaivar’s film. If the teaser, posters and trailer were anything to go by, we knew it was a blockbuster film that would keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Trade analysts had big hopes from the film and were expecting it to break some box office records and make some new ones upon its release. And today, after the film release, critics and fans can’t stop talking about the film anymore. This is the first film that has Rajinikanth collaborate with Nana Patekar. The trailer gave us a glimpse of what the film is all about. Kaala is about a slum lord from Tamil Nadu who ran away to Mumbai as a child and grew up to be a powerful leader in Dharavi. He is the kind of leader who fights to protect his people. The trailer gave us a glimpse of our favourite star, Rajinikanth in action, as he beat all the baddies to pulp. While fans have absolutely loved the film,  find out what the critics have to say below:

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The Times Of India : Watch out for the confrontation scenes between Nana Patekar and Rajinikanth. They are total paisa vasool. Hearing Rajini speak in Hindi and Marathi at times will be a delight for his fans. Special mention should go to Easwari Rao (as Kaala’s wife, Selvi) and Anjali Patil (as Puyal, the girlfriend of one of Kaala’s sons). You will fall in love with their characters. The theme song, which, by now, is hugely popular is where Ranjith stamps his brilliance as a writer and director, carefully feeding the appetite of Rajinikanth fans. This would be remembered as one of the best climaxes in a Rajinikanth movie. Ranjith owes to his excellent technical crew (cinematographer Murali, music director Santhosh Narayanan, editor Sreekar Prasad and art director Ramalingam) for helping him visualise and deliver this 51% Rajini-49% Ranjith movie. : The first half of Kaala works mainly because of the strong characterization of Rajinikanth along with his powerful performance and screen presence. Superstar looks aged but owns the screen and his energy level is unparallel at the age of 67! The way Ranjith projects Kaala’s relationship with Eswari Rao and Huma Qureshi has a cute, classy touch. Both the actresses have done their roles with ease. Nana Patekar is largely wasted while the supporting cast of Samuthirakani, Dhilipan, Anjali Patil and Manikandan have forgettable roles.

The Indian Express : Kaala isn’t a film about a gangster but a film about revolution. And Ranjith stays true to his objective. The traces of what we saw in Kabali have been fleshed out and beautifully embellished. Just the mere fact that I have mentioned Ranjith more than Rajinikanth in this review is an indication of the voice he has as a filmmaker. And it is also equally appreciable that Rajinikanth has let the young filmmaker holler through him. At the audio launch, Rajini had said that Kabali was more of a Ranjith film while Kaala was a Rajini-Ranjith film. Kabali was Ranjith trying to make a Rajinikanth film. Kaala is Rajinikanth starring in a Ranjith film.

Hindustan Times :  The leading daily calls the movie ‘near-perfect’. They elaborate, “Kaala is a film relevant to our times and the director is making sure you understand all of it,” The also added, “The good vs the bad is trope we have seen multiple times in previous films of Rajinikanth; we saw him portray shades of grey in the past too. Ranjith’s movie is mix of both and a bit of Robinhood added to it.”

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