DuckDuckGo Is Now Receiving More Than 30 Million Searches in a Single Day

The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is now performing more than 30 million searches in a single day. DuckDuckGo has experienced rapid growth and yesterday the company announced that it grew by 50% in a single year.

“It took us seven years to reach 10 million private searches in one day, then another two years to hit 20 million, and now less than a year later we’re at 30 million,” DuckDuckGo tweeted.

As DuckDuckGo makes their traffic statistics public, you can easily see their rapid growth over the past four years below.

Duck Duck Go traffic

DuckDuckGo uses search engines such as Bing, crowdsourced sites such as Wikipedia, and its own crawler to generate its index of search results. As they do not aggressively index sites like other search engines do, their search results are not as up-to-date as a search engine like Google or Bing.

With that said, the true power of DuckDuckGo is there privacy centric nature. While other search engines compile entire profiles around a user’s search habits and behavior, DuckDuckGo does not collect personal information, use cookies by default, or track your search behavior. DuckDuckGo also utilizes a method to prevent search leakage so sites that you visited from DuckDuckGo do not know what you searched for.

With the reports every day of large companies misusing people’s data and bugs causing major data breaches, it is not surprising to see organizations like DuckDuckGo have increased usage. If you are serious about privacy, we encourage you to give DuckDuckGo a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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