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Divided CBI Organises Art of Living Workshop To Improve Positivity, Synergy, Teamwork

NEW DELHI — The spectacle of its two senior-most officers investigating each other for corruption might have induced a paralytic trance in most institutions, but not the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Over the weekend, over 150 officers of the agency simultaneously revered as India’s premier investigative agency and parodied as a caged parrot, will attend a three-day Synergy workshop conducted by Sri Sri Ravishankar’s ‘Art of Living’ foundation.

The purpose of the workshop, the CBI’s press note helpfully proffers, is to “to improve positivity, enhance synergy and generate a healthy atmosphere in the agency and motivate the staff to achieve their full potential”—all worthy goals.

The agency’s interim director, M Nageswar Rao—who, soon after he took charge, was pushed to issue a statement insisting his wife was not involved in laundering money—is also expected to be in attendance.

Last month, the Supreme Court directed Rao not to take any important decisions in his current position. Does organising this workshop count as contempt of court?

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