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Congress, BJP Show The Truth Behind Hike in Fuel Prices in Twitter War; Twitterati Take Dig

New Delhi: The Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday engaged in a Twitter war the truth behind the fuel prices way back in 2014 during UPA government and now in 2018. The Twitter war over the “truth” began after the BJP posted a graphic showing percentage of increasing petrol prices from May 2014 comparing it with that of September 10.

It should be noted that while the BJP compared the fuel prices hike in percentage, the Twitterati only took the difference in the fuel prices now and then in 2014 and trolled the BJP.

Soon, Congress party also put up the figures with a caption, “When you have to hide a 343% increase in taxes, but don’t know how. Even we couldn’t resist retweeting this ;).”

Soon, more followed from the Congress’ Twitter handle. Take a look!

In the final tweet showing “truth” on the fuel prices, Congress said, “India, here’s why we are better at handling the economy and why you should vote us back to power.”

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