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Bigg Boss Marathi Elimination: Rajesh Shringarpure Out Of The Show

Yesterday, Bigg Boss Marathi host Mahesh Manjrekar grilled love birds Resham Tipnis and Rajesh Shringarpure for showcasing their feelings for each other on national television. Recently, Rajesh kissed Resham on the show which set tongues wagging. Their couple’s love-story doesn’t seem to have down too well with the audience which is why Rajesh was not declared safe on the show and was shown the exit door. In tonight’s episode, Rajesh Shringarpure was eliminated from Bigg Boss Marathi.

While we are sure, Rajesh’s good friend turned love Resham Tipnis is really upset with Shringarpure being out of the show this week. She kissed him and hugged him after his elimination was announced. Last night, host Mahesh Manjrekar told the two that sleeping on one bed and using one blanket wasn’t right at all. The Bigg Boss Marathi host reminded Rajesh and Resham that the picture that the two are creating is not right as it is seen by the audience with their respective families. He finally ended the grilling session by asking Rajesh to keep his feelings under control on National TV. Post-elimination, Manjrekar told Rajesh the Marathi audience did not appreciate his PDA with Resham.

Recently, after Resham and Rajesh kissed on the reality show, Tipnis told Rajesh that she is afraid of his wife. Following this, Shringarpure turned to the camera to address his wife and proclaimed his love for Resham. He further said that he hopes his wife understands his love for Resham. We wonder how Rajesh will face his wife and family after this drama on National television.

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