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Bhopal Shelter Home Sexual Abuse Case: 70-year-old Ex-Armyman Arrested For Alleged Rapes, Murders in Bhopal Shelter Home

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The Bhopal police on Friday arrested 70-year-old ex-Armyman in connection with the alleged Bhopal shelter home rapes and murders case which came to light on Friday. The inmates of a privately run residential facility for disabled children had on Friday accused its owner of sexually abusing two girls and three boys for a long time. The inmates also alleged that three of their fellow inmates had died due to the severe abuse. The arrest was made based on the complaints of the children.

A total of five inmates of the Bhopal shelter home went to the social justice department before filing a complaint with the police alleging rapes and murders by the owner of the facility. The inmates of the shelter home alleged that three boys died due to severe abuse. The inmates alleged that one of the boys died of excessive bleeding after a sexual abuse and another died after his head as banged against a wall by the owner. Another boy died after he was forced to sleep outside during winters.

“Some students with special needs (hearing and speech) came to our office with their interpreter. They have given us a letter about alleged sexual and physical assault by the owner of the hostel. We will write to the collector and senior police officers for further investigation,” said Krishna Mohan Tiwari, director, Social Justice Department, NDTV reported.

After the Bhopal shelter home rape case came to light, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Bhupendra Singh said that the Central Government should take control of shelter homes across the country and manage them. “My personal view is, institutions like this should not be allowed to run on residential areas. The government should take full control of these shelter homes and manage them. An investigation is underway and, we are hopeful, that the truth will be out soon,” Singh told ANI.

Assuring that the state administration has taken a cue from the incident, he said, “We have given guidelines to the police to take information on these institutions and monitor it from time to time. The private players should not be allowed to run out. However, the final decision will be taken by the Chief Minister.”

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